Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baked: Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes With Chocolate Glaze

I'm jumping around the cookbook a bit making bridal shower desserts. This recipe is for the end of May on national wine day.  I picked a nice red Michigan wine for this recipe.

These cupcakes are awesome.  So rich and chocolaty.  That little cupcake there in front is my trial cupcake ;)

22 done.  48 to go! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baked: Caramel Candy Popcorn Balls

Now is where I tell you everything I did wrong with this recipe.  I think I needed more popcorn.  I'm not sure the caramel made it to the soft ball stage.  The balls did not come together very first.  My pot boiled over once I added the baking soda.

Now is where I tell my successes.  I used my air popper for the popcorn.  Major cost savings there, but I think they were a bit more light and fluffy than your typical microwave popped popcorn.  I feel that I could have added 5 more cups or so and still had enough caramel to go around.  Having burnt the last caramel I made, I pulled this one off the stovetop a few degees shy of the soft ball stage.

After having done that...and adding the baking soda, which overflowed the caramel, but LUCKILY I had it over the popcorn...the balls did not come all.  The instructions tell you to work fast to form the balls and even say to enlist a friend to help.  I had to cool the semi-formed balls for a good minute before they would stick together.  My husband encouraging me that it would all turn out helped me get through the crisis..hah  So I had faith that in the end they would come together...and they did!

They taste good, of course.  Having Salt Sugar and Fat - those 3 little ingredients that keep us over eating.  I just finished the book
Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us
so you'll have to excuse me being so pessimistic!  It is a really good book and will make you think about all the ingredients that go into making certain products have their optimum appeal.  For example, did you know there is a Sugar Bliss Point?  Well, these certainly have it!  So I will refrain from eating them all and take them to a bridal shower this Saturday instead :)

21 complete.  49 remain.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Baked: Mega Easter Pie: A Meat and Cheese Utopia

This recipe was a bit different than the other recipes in this cookbook. Although, I can't say that the recipe didn't have sugar in it! The pie crust has one tablespoon of sugar so we can wholeheartedly say that every single recipe in this book has sugar in it.

We don't typically eat a lot of meat and cheese so when I saw the ingredients in this pie I was quite impressed.  There are 5 different cheeses and two different meats. The pie actually came out very well. It was kind of like a quiche but without the eggs! It is quite the hearty meal and you can only eat a small piece.

Just look at that massive beast! 

20 Done!  50 To Go

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Baked: Easter Coconut Sheet Cake

I'm not sure if you have heard of a thing called Pinterest Fails, or Nailed It! - but, I have never laughed so much about something on the internet.  Basically, they are photos of an awesome pin and then a photo of how amazingly awful your attempt turns out.

Here is one site for your viewing pleasure: 34 Baking Pinterest Fails

You can also try googling Pinterest Fails - they have multiple categories on their search results.

So, I had this fresh in my mind when I made this cake.  My frosting did not turn out.  Recipe said something about "if it curdles, keep mixing till it comes back together".  Well, 15 minutes later and it was not going to come back together.  It was chunky.  And runny.  Luckily it still tasted good.  I love coconut and this cake was awesome!  If the frosting turned out, then it would have been a super cool cake.

Moist.  Coconuty.  Yum!  Too bad its a visual failure.  Good thing its tasty.

19 done.  51 remain.

Watch out - next recipe isn't even a dessert!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Baked: Light And Lemony Jelly Roll With Raspberry Filling

I must say, I was pretty excited to be able to make this cake! I have never made a rolled cake before but I can now say that I have the experience. The cake was quite labor-intensive if you were to look at all the steps needed. Both a food processor and the mixer were needed for this one, 5 lemons needed to be zested, the raspberries had to be blended in the food processor and then push through a fine mesh sieve. 

The cake had to be rolled up to cool and then unrolled for assembly. Assembly consisted of adding the whipped cream topping on to the rolled out cake and then attempting to roll the cake back up without squeezing all of the whipped cream out the sides.  The dog and I got to eat the whipped cream that didn't make it in the cake  :)

It does not look nearly as good as the picture in the book but that doesn't affect the taste too much, fortunately. The lemon cake wasn't all that exciting. Even with the 5 zested lemons and the lemon extract it was kind of lacking flavor. There is nothing great that stood out about it. The whipped cream on the other hand- it is hard to go wrong with whipped cream! So overall the presentation of the cake is pretty neat and it tastes ok. With the added raspberries and lemon it tastes like its a lot healthier for you than the 1 cup of sugar end 8 tablespoons of confectioners sugar would lead you to believe.

18 finished.  52 remain. 

March is done! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baked: St Patty's Day Drunk Bundt Cake

Chocolate Stout bundt cake with whiskey Baileys glaze!  Where have you been all my life? The bundt cake itself is very chocolatey and moist and perfect; and the frosting - even better. I didn't have any whiskey or Baileys on hand so I used Jim Beam and Kahlua for the glaze. It still tastes awesome. 

Add some corned beef and cabbage and you're all set and ready to have a happy Saint Patty's Day. I hope you all had a good one!

17.   53 remain

Making good steady progress I'd say. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Baked: Blood Orange Tiramisu

I was very much looking forward to this tiramisu. It tasted pretty good, but it wasn't as amazing as I had it set out to be in my mind.

Shouldn't egg yolks at least be cooked?  All the raw egg going on in here had me on edge.

Lady fingers do not taste good by themselves.

Blood oranges are difficult to juice.

Awesome idea. More chocolate?  ;)

16.     54 remain