Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beginning

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog.  This site won't be about anything specific, just interesting every day things that happen in my life.  I reside in metro Detroit and am currently looking for ways to make life less stressful and simple.  Here is a short list of my enjoyments and hobbies which will be the main setting of this blog:
  • Frugal Living - creating as many things as possible from scratch
    • Currently when we (my boyfriend and I) need something new, I think of what we could buy that will be less expensive and more environmentally friendly.  Most recent updates have been homemade laundry soap and bar shampoo
  • Eating Healthy - transitioning our diets from meat based to more plant based while relying less on global food and more on local and make-it/grow-it yourself ventures
    • Focusing on adding new healthy things to our diet instead of getting rid of them.  Slowly the "un-healthy" foods will drop by themselves.  We currently do not buy red meat and are transitioning off of all meats.  The one caveat to the prior sentence is "buy".  We currently still eat meats at gatherings so long as we did not purchase the product ourselves.  Not sure if we will ever fully cut meat from our diets, but it will for sure only be eaten a few times a month.  The less processed our food intake is, the happier I will be.
    • As of last year, we have been maintaining a small garden.  This years crop includes: green beans, mini bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, a watermelon plant with no watermelons and a squash or pumpkin plant that grew out of our compost bin
  • Exercise - running and yoga
    • My goal is to run a half marathon in every state.  8 down, 1 in the queue.  This has been tough the last year because of an IT Band injury.
    • Barefoot Running - Need to learn everything from scratch, ditch the shoes!
    • Yoga is a destresser more than anything else.  It has also added a lot of flexibility to this tight body of mine!  Thinking of doing Bikram Yoga for the winter months.
  • Enlightenment - intellectual and spiritual
    • Currently pursuing a masters in software engineering
    • Am not religious, but the idea sounds interesting
    • Always looking to learn something new and get as many experiences out of life as possible
  • Self-Sustaining
    • This would be the ultimate goal, but is quite far fetched I think.  Taking baby steps towards that, but it doesn't seem completly feasible.  Currently beginning a canning adventure (my first time being this evening) where I am making pickled watermelon rinds.  I think a good goal for the canning will be to be able to sustain off of all canned fruits and veggies for the winter months.  There are, of course, more dimensions to self sustainability than just food, but that is my primary responsibility.  We also heat mostly with wood in the winter, but that is my boyfriend's domain.
My hope is that by living simple, staying heatlhy and trying out many new things (from scratch!), I will continue to love this fabulous life and be able to share that life with all of you!

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