Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hair Cutting at Home

One frugal living skill that the bf and I have adapted is cutting our hair at home.  OK, really, I cut my hair and his hair, all he has to do is sit there!  Here is a step by step for how I cut his hair.  When I get the courage to cut mine again I may put up some kind of tutorial for that.

First of all, I began my hair cutting journey by googling "how to cut a man's hair."  This brought me to a great YouTube video entitled How to Cut Your Man's Hair.  I found this video entertaining as well as informative and it boosted my confidence!

1) Get your man WET!  I have him put his head under the faucet.

2) Buzz his head up to the crown of his head.  I bought Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade clippers for this task.

I use the second longest guard.
After buzzing to the "top/crown" of his head (on the right side only):
After buzzing the left side as well:

3) This next part sounds tricky, but is actually quite easy.  At the point where the buzzed hair meets the un-buzzed hair, comb it out.  It should form a triangle.  Cut off the triangle.  This will blend in the buzzed hair with the longer top part.
This picture doesn't show the triangle very well.  But this is the area you want to be cutting all around the head.

4) Choose a length for the top and begin trimming.  Start from the front and use the length that you first cut as a guide when cutting towards to back.  I don't try to perfect this, and when I am finished his hair looks quite good!  Sometimes better than if he had gone to the cheap-o hair cutting places.  This photo is before trimming the top.

5) Finally, with the guard off, trim in the back of his hair line.  I also trim around the ears a bit since sometimes it is hard to get those hairs with the razor.  I use scissors for this, after once trimming more than what I should have around the ears...

Now his hair won't need cut for another 3 weeks or so.  Don't forget to clean up the mess!  This was the first time we cut hair inside.  We had been doing it on the back patio with the nice weather.

At first I was using fabric scissors for the hair trimming, but later purchased LUXOR Professional 7 1/2 inch Ice Tempered Barber Styling Shears (Model: M505).  Also bought Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Thinning Shears for when I get around to cutting my hair again.

In order to remove the hair from the clippers, the bf uses the air compressor, which works very well to remove the hair.  Pre and post haircut, I lubricate the clippers with the included lubricating oil.

Good Luck with your hair cuts!  

Total time is less than 30 min and well worth it!  $15 per cut once a month is $180/yr. Minus the clippers and scissors is ~$100 saved this year.  This doesn't include the cost of driving to the barber.   As long as the clippers hold up, we will not have to invest any more money in the coming years.

Don't forget, if you mess up, hair grows back   :)   !!!

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