Thursday, October 20, 2011

Make Foaming Hand Soap at Home

Lately foaming hand soap has been all the craze, with most retailers, restaurants, airports and households making the switch.  I will admit that I do like the foaming hand soap and we use it in both bathrooms and the kitchen.

Refilling the bottles with store bought foaming soap is a bit more eco-friendly and cost effective than re-buying a new foaming soap container every time, but there is a better way:  Make your Foaming Hand Soap at Home!
I purchased these 3 containers about a year ago and when they went empty, I refilled them with Castile Soap and water.  It is that easy!  Why pay for a container at the store that is mostly water?

I chose the almond scent as it has a "grandma smell" to it.  Grandma smells include almond scented Jergens lotion and Caress bar soap.

I don't have an exact science to it.  I fill most of the container up with water and then add ~1 Tablespoon of the Castile Soap.
Foams like a charm!  Try it out yourself!  I don't think that you could fail poorly enough to where it doesn't foam, but depending on how "smooth" you want it, you may need to add more of the Castile soap.

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