Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh She Glows Week 2!

My 1 week of re-creating recipes from OhSheGlows has turned into 2 weeks...with probably more to come!

Used the leftovers from last weeks Stuffed Mushroom Phyllo Roll as a broth for a noodle stew.
There was probably ~3cups of broth left over.  Added it to the slow cooker along with Reames Noodles for 2 hours on high.  

Reames Noodles are a family favorite; my grandma uses them in her amazingly good chicken noodle soup.  Eating them always reminds me of Grandma Food  ;)

The idea was to scoop the noodle soup over OhSheGlow's Garlic Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes with Spinach.  Saw the recipe on her blog and having all the ingredients on hand, I had to make them.

Close Up!


With another close-up

Add the soup, gives us dinner and lunch for half the week.

Since this week is probably the warmest week we will have until spring (70s and 80s), and with leftover kale in the fridge, I decided to make Heat Wave Summer Salad from OhSheGlows.  

This turned out tasting better than I had expected.  I subbed the speltberries for millet.

We needed some chocolate in our lives, so I also made Pumpkin Pie Banana Chunk Oatmeal Cookies.  This was my first time using chia seeds and let me say it was interesting.  Not knowing how to grind them up (I really need to purchase a mortal and pestle) I used them whole and let them set for 20 minutes.
What weird looking slimy little things they are.

Their consistency amused me.

I also accidentally subbed half the syrup for honey and used chocolate chips instead of cacao nibs.

Angela was right, they made exactly 12 cookies!
And took exactly 13 minutes, which impressed me because my oven is on its last leg (I will have to post about my "frugal" kitchen in the near future)

I ate one right away and they were very good.  We shall see what they taste like tomorrow when they are not warm and straight out of the oven.  I think most all baked goods taste best right out of the oven.

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