Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpieces + Day-Before-Turkey-Day Dinner

I have been using Pinterest lately to find neat projects and crafts that I wouldn't otherwise think of.  This year, we were having turkey day at my parents so I decided that along with amazing food, there needed to be amazing centerpieces.  Since my parents live on an old farm, I decided that would be a good theme and found these pictures on Pinterest.

My mom always has a ton of tin cans lying around, so I went with those for the "vases".  My brother was kind enough to spray paint them white for me and I painted THANKS on one side and GIVING on the other.  Make sure to think about this a few times before painting.  Like the saying goes: measure twice, cut I guess with this we would say: spell twice, paint once.

I mixed together some acrylic paints we had lying around for the letters.  I made one side a bit browner than the other.  The "flowers" are courtesy of the 4 acre field that lies just outside the farm house.  I tried to find the prettiest ones  :)
After dinner, the men of the family tried to come up with different words to spell...boys!  hah  Some of the words were not blog appropriate!

For the other two tables, I used tea lights I had lying around and some dried corn which I harvested as a kid.  The doilies were found in the back of one of moms cupboards and they were a very nice addition to the tables.

For dinner the night before turkey day, I made the family a main dish from OhSheGlows and a side veggie dish from DailyGarnish.

 Snoops made sure to make an appearance.

 I present to you Mushroom Risotto with Caramelized Onions and Sweet and Sour Brussels Sprouts.
Each recipe was tripled.  Brussels sprouts took longer than stated in the recipe.  If I were making the Mushroom Risotto again, I would do without the caramelized onions; there are already enough in the risotto itself.

Hope everyone had a happy day-before-turkey-day day  ;)

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