Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Party

I had some friends over for our weekly 'craft night' to make cinnamon rolls.  I find it cute that the men have their own craftsmen night the same night as our craft night in which they go to a different person's house and do some remodeling.  Installing fans, tiling things, etc..  I think my bf needs to get involved in this and some day we can have a new kitchen!   :)

I used Pioneer Woman's recipe.  I quadrupled the recipe, which makes 40-50 rolls when by itself.  So, 4 women means each of us got 40-50 cinnamon rolls.  They were a little overwhelmed at how many they would receive at first, but who can say no to cinnamon rolls?
 I made the dough the night before so that we would be ready to roll the next evening.  Started out with just 1 pot.
 Large Pot + Short Me = Me standing on a chair in order to reach in the pot
Before Rising
After rising 15 minutes...need...more....pots....

Hopefully 2 pots and 2 bowls is enough to contain the rapidly rising quadrupled batch of cinnamon roll dough...

 Then I had to get creative to fit all of them in the fridge.  Was half expecting to wake up in the morning with dough all over the place, but the dough obeyed and only rose a few inches.

I split the dough up into 8 segments ((1 recipe @ 2 rolls) * 4 = 8 rolls)   Here is the dough rolled out with butter, cinnamon and sugar on top.

 And here is one of the finished pans.  Best.  Cinnamon Rolls.  Ever.
 The bf didn't like the maple frosting.  Not sure I was a fan either.  I think cream cheese frosting would be better.  Here is all of the cinnamon rolls we made -

I made some more icing and put it in baggies to give with the round pans as Christmas gifts.  Before freezing the pans, I cooked them for 15 minutes.
 Each cinnamon roll pan comes with a baggie of frosting and instructions for how to store and bake them.

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