Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who's My Georgia Peach? - Screen Printing without the Screen

My little brother is 13 years younger than me; quite the age difference.  I was like mama #2.  So...anyways...he had this shirt that had a peach on it and said "Georgia Peach."  I would call him my Georgia Peach and we would have conversations that went like this:
Me: Whooo's my Georgia Peach?!
Him: I AM!!
Me: Whooo's my Baby?!
Him: I AM!!
Me: Who's my cutie pie?!
Him: I AM!!

Time flies by and now he doesn't fit into his shirt anymore.  And although he is probably too embarrassed to even wear this shirt, I thought it would be a good present  :)  What are big sisters for?

Here's a step-by-step photo tour of the process.
Print out photo and tape to cardboard

Cut out with X-Acto knife

Speedball Fabric Paint & Foam Brush

Dab the paint over the stencil

Backside of Tshirt

Red + yellow =



Add the leaf

Now for the white outline

Came out a little "smudgy" but it kind of gives it that nostalgic/worn look

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