Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dehydrated Sweet Potato Chips

I decided it was about time to use the dehydrator.  What better food to make than sweet potato chips?
Sliced them with the food processor, whose chute is so small that I had to cut the potatoes in half....note to self: need larger food processor!
This was just 2 sweet potatoes.  Couldn't believe they took up 4 racks of this giant dehydrator.
This is after only 1.5 hours in the dehydrator with it set at ~110 degrees F.
I left them in for about 3 more hours.
They shrunk so much that they started falling through the grating.  I need to get some sort of mesh or Teflon sheets.
The chips were nice and crunchy but tasted like crunchy raw potato  :(
Next time I will add more seasoning than a splash of olive oil and teaspoon of salt.
My dehydrator has great potential!  :)

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