Sunday, March 18, 2012

Croquet Season

Hasn't this weather been amazing?  It is like we were transported to the middle of summer, mosquitoes and all. The bf and I happened upon an estate sale today.  It was an old farm house in Farmington Hills with many treasures to be had, if only we had a place to hoard them all  :)   I picked out a croquet set and when I went to pay for it, the lady pulled out a second croquet set.  I couldn't decide which one I I got BOTH!
I had thought that there were two sets, each missing a few things, but it turns out the orange set has 2 different mallets.  Two of the five look to be older and neat-er (can that be a word?) than the other three.
I thought of re-painting everything but I am not sure if that would diminish their "value".  They probably don't have much of a value, especially considering it is not a full set.  The small one sold for $250 here.

Looks like the croquet holder is ~1960's.

In other weekend news, breakfast Saturday was an beautiful apple upside down cake.
And for dinner tonight we had a loaded Mediterranean pizza.

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