Sunday, March 25, 2012

Summer in Spring!

I could not believe the weather this week!  80's?  Record highs?  We grilled out for the first time this week and had meat twice.  Not quite normal around here, but that is ok  ;)

Venison Gyros from AllRecipes with Cucumber Sauce
This was a good way to use up a leftover venison roast.  I ate mine too here is a pic of the ingredients..

Turkey Burger 1 and 2 from Iowa Girl Eats
I couldn't settle on one recipe, so I made two.  One with spinach and another stuffed with mozzarella.  The bf and I's plan was to split 2 burgers in half so that we would each get to try both kinds but not eat too much.  The burgers were so good, that this plan went out the window and we each ate two.  Talk about being full...   Served with deep fried sweet potato fries - my reason for buying my deep fryer  :D

Stuffed Bell Peppers from The Cookin' Chemist
These were pretty fun to make and tasted ok, but they weren't amazing.

Tofu Zucchini Fried Rice from Running to the Kitchen
Quite good and did not take long to make at all.  Perfect week night dinner.

Apple Pie from the Gingered Whisk
Do you see the swan on top?  haha  Plan was to make this Tuesday on the grill with the turkey burgers, but I ran out of time.  Made Friday night in the oven instead.  As always, I didn't cook it long enough because of my impatience.  Apples were still a bit crispy.  Not sure what the issue was with the pie crust, but I had to add a few tablespoons of water to get it to pull together, otherwise it would have been a crumbly mess.

The coolest part about this pie was the boiled down apple peel sugar sauce.
Yum!  In other news, our yard is now down 2 trees.  We need some new landscaping!

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