Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bunting Giftwrap - Bridal Shower

I heard about this bunting thing less than a year ago, and now think it is the coolest/craftiest/stylish thing ever.  Before I was "in the know" I thought bunting was more or less the plastic colored flags that they hang at the carnival.  I am glad that this is classier than that!
For the wrapping paper itself, I used brown paper.  You can either get the mailing paper, which can be found at Meijer or any other store with a craft/office supplies section, OR you can go to Lowes/HomeDepot and get contractors paper.  I have bought both, and they are the same thing.  You get a ton more paper at the home improvement store as opposed to the office supplies isle.
After wrapping the gift with the brown paper, packaging tape and hot glue, I wrapped green yarn around the perimeter of the box, leaving it dangling like so.  If this was Christmas tree garland, my mother would have had to re-do this for me..hahah  I then proceeded to cut a bunch of mini triangles out in 6 different colors from some card stock I already had on hand.  No need to be precise in the triangle size and shape.

Using the glue gun, I put a small line of glue across the top of each triangle and affixed them to the yarn leaving about a 1/8" gap in between each one.  I kept the same color order the entire way around the box.  After all of the triangles were attached, I secured the yarn by placing a small bead of hot glue at the bottom of each dangling piece of yarn on each of the 4 sides.  This will keep it free flowing but add a bit of stability.

I finished up the gift by stamping the top with "To" and "From" lettering, a bride/groom sketch and a quote.  This is a bridal shower gift, so look for more bridal shower type posts in the next week.

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