Friday, April 27, 2012

Chalkboard Bunting - Bridal Shower

First of all, I must mention that I cannot take credit for this great idea.  It comes from The Scrap Shoppe's Chalkboard Bunting Tutorial.  Here is my take on chalkboard bunting.
  This is a great way to use up leftover fabric.  Make sure it is on the thin side (aka, do not use fleece..) so that the chalkboard paint will not soak in too much.  Like my piggy fabric?
Next, cut that piggy fabric into 6" strips.
I made a cardboard cutout of the size I wanted my triangles.  Did this by getting a square piece of cardboard that was 6" tall, folding it in half, and cutting from inside corner to outside corner.  Tada!  Triangle!  Trace triangles onto the fabric with pencil using this as a guide and cut em out.
Next is paint time.  I grabbed a can from Home Depot and used a foam brush.  Lined the counter with a sheet of wax paper and some shiny newspaper.  According to the Scrap Shoppe, newspaper sticks, but the shiny newspaper ads worked just fine.
This photo is after doing 1 coat on each side.  After the 1st side dried, the fabric curled up on the edges which put me in a mini panic.  Maybe painting the other side soon after the first side would prevent this.  I ended up doing 2 coats on each side and then put them between books for a day to straighten them up.
Can you tell that I am a software engineer that likes raw food?  :)
 After the flattening, I proceed to hot glue lace around the edges.
 These things are SO cute, I can't get over it!
 4 yards of lace ended up only covering 6 flags, and I had 10 more to go.
I did some calculations and decided I needed 10 more yards of lace.  Went to JoAnns and bought 2 different kinds.  So, now I have 3 different types of lace on these.  Overall, the lace was the most expensive part at ~$25.
 Other goodies include: clothes pins, twine and chalk.
And, what you have all been waiting for, here is the grand finale, what the bunting will read....
I got the idea for the writing from the Etsy shop Inspirational Banners.

Watch out bridal shower!  This banner is going to be amazing  :)  After this weekend, you will be able to see the final results of these in action by clicking HERE.

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