Friday, April 20, 2012

"Got Bacon?" Knit Baby Hat

One of my friends is having a baby, so I decided to do what all good friends would do, knit her baby a hat  :)  I looked around on Ravelry which is by far the best place to find knit/crochet patterns, and found a pattern for a 'Got Milk?' Baby Hat.

My friend is a bit food obsessed, loving to overindulge on big macs, bacon and the occasional burger eating contest where she got her photo on a wall of fame.  It must be running and that fast metabolism that keeps her so thin!  She has also joked of feeding her little one bacon formula...haha  SO, I thought the "Got Milk?" slogan wasn't all that appropriate and turned it into "Got Bacon?"

Also, as a reflection of our college degrees, I got her a book entitled Engineering the ABC's: How Engineers Shape Our World
This was written by one of our very own Society of Women Engineers Detroit Section members and is filled with great explanations of how things are made, or why things work the way they do.  One example is: How does a Car go down the road? - representing the letter 'C' of course  :)

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