Monday, April 30, 2012

How To Make Cupcake Stands from Vases and Plates

For the bridal shower that I assisted in planning, I was in charge of the cupcakes.  I decided to make ~80 of them and saw a sweet idea online which I had to make.  They were recycled cake stands as found on Design Sponge.  First, I went to the local Salvation Army and grabbed 4 plates and 4 vases.
The vases were originally all clear, but I ended up breaking one.  So, luckily I had a green vase lying around that perfectly matched the green on the leftmost plate.
 When doing this, remember to measure out the center because the hot glue will stick instantly.
And then you are left with a plate which is not centered, reference the above photo.  Another good tip is to put the biggest part of the vase at the bottom, also done incorrectly in the above photo.  I found out that rubbing alcohol easily removes hot glue.  Don't believe me?  Visit this youtube video.
 It is always good to have a nice dark beer with you when gluing vases onto plates with hot glue.

 The final results, without the cupcakes...
To see these cupcake stands in action visit THIS post about the bridal shower.

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