Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to Spring

We have had pretty normal spring weather this week.  Warmer weather, rain, AND the farmers market was outside for the first Saturday of the year.  We picked up some granola, 3 bars of soap and I had a freshly squeezed lemonade  :)   Looking forward to going again tomorrow.

As for food this week...

Lunches consisted of leftovers and some chick pea wraps.
Dill Chickpeas and Jerk Chickpeas; both from OhSheGlows

Wild Rice Vegetable Salad from Daily Garnish
 Eating beets does interesting things to your digestive system....

Burgers and Asparagus, Bacon & Celery Salad from Busy But Healthy
We had some burgers to use up in the freezer from who-knows-when and I thought a salad would go nicely with it.  The bf was excited for something with bacon.  When we were at the grocery store and I bought 4 bunches of asparagus, he said to me "You know I don't like asparagus..right?"  haha  But I think the bacon balanced out the asparagus  ;)

Spinach and Three-Bean Enchiladas from Kari's Kitchen
I headed off to craft night and let the bf finish up the enchiladas.  Not that I could have taken better photos..but..hah

Smoked Salmon Salad from Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat
For having smoked salmon in it, I expected this dish to taste amazing.  But, it was just ok.  Have 1 package of salmon left over.  Bagels, cream cheese and salmon for breakfast?!

Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Goat Cheese Pizza from Back to Her Roots
Once again, I think the bf was memorized by the bacon involved.  Snoops was very happy to see both bacon and two cheeses!  I'm not sure this was all that healthy..haha..  Step 2 was to fry the onions in the bacon grease.
The bf really enjoyed this pizza and ended up eating at least 4 pieces of it.  There are no leftovers!  He even rated this as one of the top 3 pizzas he has ever had.  I personally don't think any pizza beats the BLT pizza that we get up at Wixom Lake.  ;)

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