Monday, May 28, 2012

Dyeing a White Dress...Green!

This white dress was originally purchased for a wedding last year.  Loved the dress...
Sadly, I ended up washing it with a black scarf...yes, bad idea..
 It stained it up pretty well in quite a few places.
 To the point where it was not wearable.
In order to wear this it needed DYED!
 Here is what I ended up purchasing.  Tulip permanent fabric dye in lime green.
As you can (maybe) see from the directions, it says that it will dye cotton but not nylon.
The dress is over half cotton and 45% nylon.  I figured to just go with it and see what would happen.  Here is a step-by-step of sorts...
 Boiled the water over the stovetop and had a plastic bucket set to add it to along with the salt and dye.
 In goes the salt, dye and water...
 and the dress.
 Stir for 20 minutes constantly.  I chose a chopstick.  ha.  After the 20 minutes, let it set in there for 45 more minutes, stirring occasionally.
Then rinse and wash.
I was a bit concerned with the color when it was wet.  It did not match the color on the dye packet.
 But, after it dried the color changed dramatically.
I was more than thrilled with the color of the dress.  The nylon layer that did not dye actually makes the dress look better than if it was dyed.
And here is the final product.  Glad I was able to save the dress  :)


  1. Thanks for sharing, very cute dress. I was going to ask you did the lace dye a completely different color then the rest?

    1. Hi Melissa! Yes, the lace picked up the color, whereas the other parts of the dress (made from nylon, maybe?) did not pick up the color.