Sunday, June 10, 2012

Detroit D Grooms Cake

The bride of the wedding I was in this past weekend mentioned that she would have liked to have gotten a grooms cake, but they ran out of time.  I jumped at the opportunity to make one!  I think I enjoy this cake making thing a bit too much.  Probably because it is still new and fun.  She requested a Detroit D.

I used leftover frosting, which I had frozen from the peanut butter cupcakes I made for her bridal shower, for the middle frosting layer. For the cake, I thought it best to go with something I had made before, so I went with the Chocolate Stout Cake.  Unlike last time I made the cake, this time it did not hold together as well.  I am glad frosting can hold things together.  Finally, for the outside frosting, I used Vanilla Buttercream Frosting of which I colored ~1 cup of it blue for the Detroit D.

The cake was baked 2 nights before, and then frosted 1 night before.  I was traveling for this wedding, so the unfrosted cakes got to "chill" in the car for my half day at work and the 2.5 hour drive north.  They made it fine.  I mixed up the frosting 2 nights before as well, so that all I had to do the night before (after the rehersal dinner) was re-beat the frosting and spread it on.
The template for the D was found online off of Google.  I printed it on normal paper, cut it out and pushed it into the top of the cake (after it was frosted) so that it would leave an impression for me to fill in.
I had to run my finger around the entire border to push the paper in well, but in the end, this turned out to be a very easy and effective method.
 I put the tinted blue frosting in a bag and piped the outline.
 Then, using a back and forth motion, as you can probably see, I filled in the D.  Thought about smoothing it out, but then thought it wouldn't be good to press my luck.
 Here it is on the cake table.
Beautiful wedding; lots of white lights.
Here is a shot of the hall.  We all had a great time.  Good food, good drinks, good cake (of course..hah) and good friends!!  

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