Monday, June 25, 2012

Josh's 28th Birthday!

Alright, enough with calling my bf "the bf".  He will now be know as Josh.

Josh's birthday was Friday and I had a fun time making his day special.  I got him a mountain bike, albeit too small for him, off of craigslist the day of his birthday.  Its hard to find a bike on craigslist for someone who is 6'4".  Well, on our maiden voyage with us on bikes and Snoops on his leash, Snoops decided to run in front of Josh making him flip over his handlebars.....baaaad dog...  I felt bad since my bike purchase lead to him having cuts all over his body.  Luckily no broken bones, but still not what you want to happen on your bday!

After that trip, we went out to dinner at Taste of Ethiopia in Southfield.  Nothing like eating food with your fingers  :)

In honor of Josh's big day, I made a big cake.  I have been holding off making this cake ever since I saw it last year.  I introduce you to the Campfire Delight from Sweetapolita.
A 6 layer chocolate cake with malted chocolate frosting and marshmallow frosting layers.

Be jealous!
If this didn't make the birthday boy happy, then I don't know what will!   ;)

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