Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Kitchen Design

We got our new kitchen design today from Kurtis Kitchen and Bath.  I talked about our kitchen designing process up to now in this post.

One thing that would always frustrate Josh and I through our 2 years of trying to design the kitchen was outside criticism.  People would feel free to give their opinions but would not understand why that simply wouldn't work.  One too many times, we would set out designing the kitchen with a new idea, only to realize that one appliance (usually the fridge) did not have a location.  Our kitchen just has this big open feel to it and once you envision removing the wall, people exclaim "you have so much room now!".  Yes, a lot of open room that nothing will fit in.  Try designing it yourselves if you think it is sooo easy  : p

Well, the same thing kinda-sorta happened with our design lady.  When she came over to take measurements, she was envisioning removing the wall and possibly keeping the pantry and the fridge where they are now.  But then she sat down to design it and quickly realized what we already knew...removing the wall wasn't going to work.  There is simply not enough wall space to place things once it is removed.  There are only 2 walls left and they both have windows.

So, without further ado, here is our new kitchen design.
This photo is a bit hard to see, but is a good introduction into the design.  The room to the left is our dining/entrance/office room.  What we have instead of removing the wall is a 7 foot opening with a bar.  The fridge is moved over a bit more from where the pantry is to open up our high traffic area.
 Here are the additional pictures showing the different angles.  Yes, the photos are this grainy in real life.  And yes, I did take photos of photos.  There is a nice shot of the patio on the bottom right corner.  I need a new scanner  ;)
 Putting a hole in the wall will no longer require a beam, but we will need to add two headers.  One above the hole and one spanning from the stairs to the fridge (note: there is a header already there for the walkway, but moving the fridge over farther means we need a larger header to span the larger walkway).
One other big change would be making the window above the sink larger to match the size of the window on the other wall.  This will move the sink further from the back door and also provide a better view of the back patio.
 For completeness, here is the design in black and white.

Now we have some homework to do.  Along with showing the design to everyone we know and getting their feedback, we must also list everything in our kitchen and write on the cabinets where it will be placed.  Our designer will then be able to give us better feedback as to what kind of cabinets might suit certain things better and recommend better placements.

Here is a rough list of what we have in the kitchen (or currently in various places around the house because there is no room in the kitchen):
  • Food
    • Spices
    • Pasta
    • Bulk Foods stored in canning jars
    • Fruit (currently in a basket)
    • Cereal
    • Canned Goods, basic pantry items
    • Potatoes & Onions
    • Oils
    • Flours & Sugars
    • Liquor
    • Large jug o Vinegar
  • Serving
    • Silverware
    • Cups, Mugs, Wine Glasses
    • Plates
    • Bowls
    • Trifle Bowl
    • Drink Containers
    • Disposable cups, napkins, cutlery
  • Prep
    • Knifes
    • Recipes
    • Baking Stone
    • Pot Holders
    • Large Utensils
    • Measuring Spoons
    • Mixing Bowls
    • Baking Dishes, Cake Pans, Muffin Tins, Bread Pans
    • Pots & Pans
    • Cast Iron Pans, Dutch Oven & Skillet
    • Baking Sheets
    • Large Stock Pots
    • Canning Accessories (including ~40 mason jars)
  • Appliances
    • Toaster
    • Coffee Maker
    • Coffee Grinder
    • Blender
    • Mixer
    • Food Processor (with additional attachments)
    • Slow Cooker
    • Pressure Cooker
    • Popcorn Popper
    • Vacuum
    • Microwave
  • Storage
    • Glass and Plastic lunch containers
    • Bags, Clingwrap, Parchment, Wax Paper, Foil
    • Plastic "Meijer" Bags
    • Cake Storage Containers (2)
  • Other
    • Trash/Recycling bins
    • Cleaning Products
    • Towels, Dishrags
    • Dog Food
    • Broom
Ok, that was a pretty complete list.  I could have made it more detailed..haha  :)

The only issue I see so far is the vacuum and broom.  We have no large pantry where those would fit.  Josh seems to think we can put them in the downstairs closet and that there is no need for a pantry.  To show how much he hates the pantry idea, he didn't bring up this little tidbit of information until we were in the car and safely away from the store.  I guess it might have to work that way since I don't know where a pantry would fit in this plan.

Any ideas where to put the pantry?  Do you like the new design?  Where should I place my thousands (ok, hundreds?) of kitchen items?

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