Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shortcake with Grandma Strawberries

This weekend I went home (well, I guess hometown) for a bachelorette party and to visit family.  My grandma has a strawberry patch and let me take home (home-home) all of the ones we picked today!  Know what that means?  Strawberry Shortcake had to be made.
 Here are the fabulous strawberries.
 And here is the final product.

 The shortcake recipe came from Satisfy My Sweet Tooth Blog.  I mashed up the berries, threw in 2 t of sugar and topped it all with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Yummm

Here is a run down of what else I made this week.

Spring Risotto from Karis' Kitchen

Sweet Potato Chickpea "Pancakes" from Cook Bake Nibble and Texas Caviar from Two Peas and a Blog 
Also ate with marinated veggies from the bf's mother and a side of sour cream for the sweet potato "pancakes" (ok, they are supposedly called Pakoras...but that is too fancy for me)

Quinoa Mac and Cheese from at the red table
The bf enjoyed this stuff.  But anything that resembles mac and cheese is normally a hit with him.

Peanut Noodle Salad from taste it...
This was amazing!  I think I am obsessed with Soba Noodles right now...  and add rice vinegar and peanut butter..yum!

In other news, grandma also gave me some green onions, ...
 one piece of asparagus (which I just consumed raw as I wasn't sure what recipe to make with just one spear) ...

...and some horseradish plants.  Any ideas on what recipes to make with horseradish?  We are going to have our fair share of it..

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