Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Week - Wixom Lake & Houghton

Having the week off and a wedding in Houghton, we decided to slowly make our way to the U.P.  This means spending 5 days at Wixom Lake.
Our favorite thing is swimming.  Snoops got quite tired swimming back and forth to the boat.  Once he finally gets himself on the boat he makes a good first mate.
 Although I did make quite a few meals at the cabin, I insisted that we get BLT pizza.  They now sell it at Big R's Pump & Party in Beaverton.  Stop in and order one; you won't regret it  :)
I tried to figure out what all was on there.  Tomatoes, Lettuce and Bacon of course.  The sauce seems to be a sweetened mayonnaise of some sort.  There might even be a little tomato sauce too.  And finally, there is sliced ham on top of the sauce.  This might be what sets it apart from the rest.  If only I can figure out the mayo sauce, I might be able to recreate this.

Every day for breakfast I made Aebelskiver, otherwise known as Danish Pancake Balls.
This was the only photo I got of the pancakes and consequently the worst/only photo of my little brother.  He is a bit camera shy...or just doesn't want to be annoyed by his big sister.  Here is where I got a lot of the recipes.  Amazing.  The lemon curd was my favorite.

Thursday we headed up to Houghton after stopping in and saying HI to Josh's grandma in Negaunee.
 We found many places to plug-in the Volt including the hotel  (we assumed all the outlets were once-upon-a-time used for block heaters)...
 ..AND... the new charge station in downtown Houghton!  It was installed by an enterprise team at Michigan Tech and the electricity is paid for by the 5th and Elm Coffee House.  The owner saw us one night and ran out to ask us where we were from.  We told him downstate and he said we were the first electric vehicle (outside of Michigan Tech and commercial vehicles) to use the charge station.  Needless to say, we had free energy our entire weekend in the Keweenaw.
 Once plugged in, we made sure to enjoy all of our favorite local establishments.  Fishbowls and garlic chicken pizza from the Ambo, pickled eggs from the dog, drink at the DT and we even visited the new local club.  I pretty much laughed the entire time we were in there.
Check out the retro lit up mining photo.  Yes, this is what Houghton is known for...but I don't think mining and clubbing are two genres that mix very well.

Of course, a trip to Houghton is not complete without a beer from the KBC (Keweenaw Brewing Company).  I tried the sampler.  The black and the stout were the best.

One last food shout out.  We tried Victoria's Kitchen instead of the other normal breakfast places.  I was impressed.
 It said online that she makes everything from scratch.  Has to be good right?  Totally right!  :)  I got the yogurt fruit parfait.  Homemade yogurt, homemade granola and berries picked locally.  Wow.
I also tried the orange cream french toast.  Real oranges of course.  Josh got the Canadian Special (I believe it is called).  Was a good amount of food.  Victoria does everything in the restaurant from taking orders to  cooking and cleaning.  Don't let this little place tucked into downtown Houghton get passed by.  Easily one of the best breakfast places I have been to.

Hungarian falls was also on the agenda.  Easy hike, beautiful views.
 And then my favorite place in the entire Keweenaw....DREDGERS!
 I may-have-used-to go out on that thing and walk around.  Quite eerie.  Best part was the calm waters inside and the sloping floors and doorways which made everything feel slanted like a fun house.
The wedding was awesome!  Two of the best people ever got married and I got to be there  :)  Nothing better than that.  Well, sleeping in my own bed tonight might come close..hahah  

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