Monday, July 30, 2012

Detroit Skyline Mod Podge

My motivation for this craft was Ten June's Pinterest Challenge - Mod Podge Nursery Art.

I had seen city skyline paintings at art fairs and thought they were quite neat.  This was a different spin on the skyline; using scrap paper and mod podge glue to hold it all down.

One of my good friends is moving out of Michigan, so I thought this would be a great going away present for her.  First I came up with a list of the tallest buildings, notable attractions and favorite attractions in downtown Detroit.  I then made a powerpoint with 1 slide dedicated to good photos of each building (courtesy of google).  I did attempt to put things slightly in there true physical order, but obviously, not all of these buildings can be seen from the river.  Here is my quick sketch up.  Sorry for the bad photo.

After the quick sketch, I began cutting out building shapes from scrap booking paper.  I quickly realized that a few things (Spirit of Detroit, Tiger, Tiger's Logo, Fist) would look better if I just printed them out.  I think this helped give the artwork a bit more detail and dimension.  I'll be honest, halfway through I thought it was going to turn out completely disastrous...but, in the end, I was quite happy with the results.
I'll never be a true artist, but I can be a pretty good crafter.

Couple lessons learned for those of you attempting this on your own:

  • Don't glue anything down until you have it all cut out and situated.  I would have liked to add something in the back ground..either more buildings or grass with metro skylines.  I had already glued down half the buildings before I realized I should have waited.
  • Don't be afraid to use exciting colors!  I tried to match kinda the same color that the building was.  So there are a lot of browns, greens and yellows.  I could have added more buildings all kinds of different colors and prints

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