Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Door to Door Organics - New Weekly Menus

After a trial version last year of Door To Door Organics, I decided to subscribe weekly to their local farm produce boxes.  Every Wednesday, I get a box full of organic and/or local food delivered to my door step.  The options change weekly, but I also get to sub out fruits/veggies for other fruits/veggies if I don't like what comes with it.  Take a look at their website, it is very impressive.
This week I got a lot of goodies, including: Tomato, Zucchini, Potatoes, Plums, Kale, Chard, Green Beans and a Garlic Bulb.  The box runs $24, which isn't bad considering it is local and/or organic.
This change in produce arrival has changed the way I will do my weekly shopping.  The plan for the summer is to come up with the weekly menu Monday, based on what is coming Wednesday in the box.  It is a good opportunity to try new things that I wouldn't normally try.  Recipage is my go-to recipe source for fun blogger recipes.  If I can't find a way to use something in the box, or if I simply need something else instead, then I will sub it.  "Subbing" needs to be done by 8AM the day before, so in my case, by 8AM Tuesday.

After I make the menu, which spans from Wednesday to Tuesday, I go to the grocery store Tuesday to buy what we need for the week.  Last week was my first week transitioning to this plan, which is why there hasn't been a food update in a long while.  Without further ado, here is what we ate last week with our Door To Door Organics goodies.

Jalapeno Grilled Cheese and Brussels Sprouts

 I managed to burn the Brussels Sprouts....but the sandwich more than made up for it.  Cream Cheese + Jalapenos = Amazing.  Joshua would eat this every night if he could I imagine..  Definitely need to make this one again.

Butternut Squash Mac n Cheese

I really really wanted to like this dish...look at how creamy it looks...  Looks can be deceiving.  I wouldn't say it was terrible, but it is not something I enjoyed or will ever make again.

Cauliflower Salad and Strawberry Salad

This was my favorite meal of the week.  The cauliflower and tahini sauce...YUM!  And the sweet strawberries with the strawberry dressing and cheese and fresh spinach...mmmmmm

Summer Squash Pizza

This one might not look all that appealing, but it tasted quite good.  Maybe it was the mass amount of cheese I added?  The pizza crust was excellent.  Didn't have to make it the night before, and it held together so well, I could almost spin it over my head.  I really need to learn how to do that  :)   I added blue cheese instead of goat cheese; giving it a nice kick.  Speaking of a kick, watch out for the garlic on this one...it was quite intense; some pieces more than others.

Chickpea Burgers and Potato & Green Bean Salad

Why is it that I can never find a veggie burger that is drop dead amazing?  Yes, this was good, but no veggie burger can ever be as moist as a meat burger.  This was probably the best veggie burger I have had, but at 2+ hours preparing, is it worth it?   Now lets talk about the salad.  This guy was good.  I like the fact that the dressing is mostly made from blended cucumbers.  You couldn't tell, but it gave it a fresher taste and of course made it healthier.

Grilled Tofu, Coconut Rice & Pineapple Salsa

I enjoyed this dish; although, for the record, I do like the taste and texture of tofu so not much has to be done for it to taste good to me.  Pineapple salsa had a good balance of sweet and spicy, but I am still wondering if a week on my counter made the pineapple go bad.  Something didn't smell right in my kitchen and I narrowed it down to being a funky pineapple smell...but it tasted fine....  oh well..hah   Good summer meal.  We ate it with BBQ sauce on the side although Josh said he would have preferred some kind of an Asian sauce.

In other food news - I made some amazing German Pancake crepe type things for breakfast this weekend.
 Fresh fruit is on sale at the store...and I am loving it!

And in non-related food news, the weiner mobile payed a visit to our neighbor's house this weekend.  I know people usually see these in their lifetimes, but having one parked outside your house?!  That never happens...  haha

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