Monday, July 30, 2012

Kitchen Colors & Cabinet Ordering

Well, we did it!  Last week we put in the order (and the down payment) on the cabinets.  The kitchen lady came out to do one last measure on Saturday.  I ended up getting a call today from Kraft Maid confirming our delivery address and wanting to set up a delivery date.  The date they wanted?...  4 weeks from today?! WHAT?!  haha  We were told 6-8 weeks for delivery.  I couldn't believe they would be at our doorstep in 4 weeks.  I told them I would have to have Josh call them as he was the real mastermind behind the kitchen, and we have no space to store cabinets.  Josh called them back, but since the date he wanted (mid September) was too far out they told him they would call back to arrange the date at a later time.

As far as the kitchen goes, it is no where near cabinet installation ready.  Josh built up a temporary wall and put in the header for the hole in the wall.
Those 2x4's in front of the fridge are the temporary wall.  This above photo is pre-header.  Below, the 2x4's in the wall have been cut and the header put into place.
Now Josh is working on electrical and we may rip out the flooring and install the other header this weekend. YAY for a free weekend!

When the kitchen lady came to measure, she gave us recommendations on what paint to use in the kitchen and in the dining room.  We had talked about dark reds and light greens, so I grabbed all the reds and greens from Home Depot that I liked for her to look over.  She picked Cranberry Whip Red and River Bank Green.
The red looks a little less orange-y in real person.  We would paint the walls in the kitchen red and the dining room the green color.  Another recommendation she gave Josh was to tape up where the hanging lights would be next to the hood.  I am not sold on this idea as I think more things hanging down through the opening will take away from just having the hood being there and might look awkward.  Here is the visual.
I'm not completely sold on it...but maybe I will warm up to the idea...  

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