Friday, July 13, 2012

Kitchen Investigation

So, last time we left off I was given the task to figure out which cupboards my kitchen goods would reside in.  I was concerned with this task at first, but very soon found that the kitchen design has a ton of storage.  The only changes we made based on the cupboard task was to move the trash/recycling cupboard to the left of the sink and to put the swinging-suzy cupboard (where I envision my pantry items residing) in the corner cupboard closest to the oven.

Going to the parents over the 4th with our kitchen designs also gave us the opportunity to elicit feedback from relatives.  Mom and dad liked the new design much more than the Lowe's design.  While at their cabin, and noticing the tiny cupboards above their windows, I decided that those would look nice in our design as well instead of only trim.  We are going with glass doors on those so that I can put pretty objects inside  :)
    The above photo illustrates the new mini-cabinets above the window and a smaller trim piece.  Also notice the gigantic nail on the paper.  They meant business when they installed this kitchen...we have a feeling deconstruction will not be all too easy...

Before we go all out deconstructing, Josh opted to do some de-constructive investigation.

What we have learned thus far:

There are no wood floors under the tiles  :(   Just about 3 layers of stuff to rip up...
 The soffits do not have anything in them, but are built strong enough to "hold a car"  <- Josh's words, not mine.
 We determined what size boards we need in order to put hardwood in the kitchen.
I can say that we have officially begun the kitchen renovation!  The cabinet and soffit above the fridge have been removed and we have a template for where the hole in the wall will be, along with the ventilation hood.
Plans for the weekend are to:

  • Remove pantry - at least the drywall, probably not the whole structure until we get the headers in place.
  • Figure out where we are getting wood for the kitchen floor from and possibly ordering it.
It has finally begun!!!  And although the kitchen is a mess and will be for a few months I am super excited!  Cabinets will take 6 weeks to come in and we may order them on Monday...stay tuned...

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