Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitchen, Veggies and Drywall, oh my!

Before my run down of what we ate for the week, let me first share some exciting news.

We got our 1st tomato from the garden today (very long awaited)

There was some drywall deconstruction this past weekend!  Here I am all ready to do some serious drywall cutting.
....Then...after the photo op.... I handed over the blade and let Josh do the work  ;)
I was a good helper though!

Door to Door Organics box this week did not disappoint.  I like this Wednesday to Tuesday schedule much better ..  there is hardly anyone at the grocery store on a Tuesday evening and half my produce is delivered to my door weekly.

Farfelle with Kale & Bacon from Iowa Girl Eats

Made this with the bacon we had to use up.  Not anything too great...Josh has now decided that he hates kale..

Sweet Potato Pizza with Kale and Carmelized Onions

More kale for the Joshua.  Ok pizza, nothing amazing though.

Pesto Grilled Veggie Sandwich

I need to be careful of this in the future.  Since I go grocery shopping once a week, this bread was about 4 days old when I used it....  4-day-old-bread = pretty hard...  And you see the size of that thing?!  Wasn't quite able to fit in a normal person's mouth.  If the bread had been fresh, this would have been a winner.

Veggie & Hummus Wraps

Made these with the leftover veggies from the pesto sandwich.  This would be a great meal for lunches for the week.  Grill up some veggies on Sunday and use them all week with some cheese and hummus on a wrap.

Summer Hemp Power Salad from Oh She Glows

Why do her salads always have the best names?  haha  I barely had the energy to make dinner this night, so we felt like more than just a salad.  Couscous on the side rounded out the meal and gave us something comforting.

Peas, Chard and Gruyere Pie

I can officially say that I have never made anything quite like this before.  What does that look like to you?  Pizza Pie?  Bet you wouldn't guess that inside the innocent crust....
...lies oozing green goop..haha  Josh's sister said she couldn't help but feel like she was eating baby food.  If it weren't for having a ton of cheese in it, I don't think this would have been a winner.  But, Josh and his dad both went back for seconds.  Good way to get the boys to eat their greens  :)

And last but not is what I have been eating for breakfast for the week.  Bowl full of summer!
Oatmeal (not cooked), walnuts, sesame seed, chia seeds, almond milk and blueberries..oh my!   The longer it sets the creamer it gets with the oatmeal and chia seeds soaking up the milk.  


  1. Chia seeds? You are going to have a Chia pet growing in your stomach!