Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Kitchen Design Lady is AMAZING

Josh and I found ourselves with many questions once we had our kitchen layout and cabinetry figured out.  What do we do for lighting?  What kind and color of backsplash?  Flooring?  Window style?  Luckily our amazing kitchen lady had great recommendations for everything.  I don't know how we would have designed this thing without her!

Here is a list of what we now have figured out about our new kitchen:
  • Cabinets - Kraftmaid Maple
  • Windows - Sliding kitchen windows with white casement to match the style of all the other windows in the house  (her main goal is to make the kitchen look like it has always been there in the sense of flowing perfecting with everything else in the house)
  • Backsplash - Crema Marfil 3"x6" Subway Tile Tumbled and Honed
    • I had initially wanted a fun multi-colored glass tile backsplash, but she made a good point that this will probably be out of style in a year or so..  I am admittedly not a fan of subway tiles, but what I had seen online were shiny subway tiles that just looked too modern.  These have more texture and with being elongated instead of squares, will make the kitchen look bigger.  We will tile from the granite up to just under the cabinets.
  • Countertop - Uba Tuba Granite
    • This black granite with brown and green specs is a very popular granite because it hides dirt easily, has a tight pattern to it and is on the cheaper side of the granite line-up.  The greens in it will play well with our dining room, which we are thinking of painting a light green.
  • Floor - Since Bruce hardwood floors are used everywhere else in the house (except the downstairs), we will put hardwood Bruce in the kitchen as well.  Kitchen Lady recommends going with stain the color of GunStock.  Plan is to take everything out of the kitchen and dining (entrance room), lay the new hardwood, and then stain and urethane the entire main floor.
  • Microwave - We are going with an undercabinet, pull out drawer microwave.  More specifically, the  Sharp KB-6525PS.
  • Lighting - The most detailed of the decisions apparently..
    • Overhead main kitchen lighting - 1 or 2 Track Lights - I found this one which looked like a possible winner
    • White Outlets with Stainless Steel Covers to match the appliances
    • Under Cabinet Lights - Puck lights, 1 under each door with the exception of the small cabinets over the windows - 6 lights over the windows
    • Interior lights for the glass door cabinets over the windows
    • Switches - 2 separate ones for the cabinet lights. 1 for the interior, 1 for under the cabinets. Dimmers.
    • Hood Lights - Kitchen Lady recommeded 2 hanging lights - one on either side of the hood. I am not so sure about this as I feel like they will look dinky coming down next to a giant stainless steel hood...but we shall see.
    • Bar Lights - Recessed cans with white rings and black baffles
    • Dining Room Ceiling Light - Flush Mounted light for now with the option of adding a chandelier in the future for a table. We are not sure if we want to put a table in that room or we are leaving our options open.
    • Hallway/Entrance Lights - 4 equally spaced can lights leading from front to back patio door. Kitchen Lady says can lights are "so the early 2000's" but that it is the best option for this because we don't want hanging lights making it feel more cramped.
    • Wall Sconces - One would go on each side of the bar in the dining room to highlight the bar area and some possible art work
We also tentatively picked out the sink and the cabinet hardware. There wasn't really any hardware (or knobs, if you will) that really caught my eye. I was hoping to fall in love with one, but it didn't happen. We may change our decision on this. The sink she showed us is a dual basin with one side smaller than the other - more or less what we have now.

Here are the almost finalized kitchen designs (we order cabinets on Monday!)

View of kitchen from the dining/entrance room
 Looking into the dining/entrance from the kitchen.  To the left is the upstairs and downstairs.
 Looking from the range/bar area to sink, door and window over back patio

 Top View of kitchen and dining/entrance rooms

View from back wall of kitchen

And here is my feeble attempt at trying to color the kitchen..I may need to invest in Photoshop...

Not too shabby eh? I think Josh's deconstructive investigation has officially turned to pure deconstruction..
No more pantry walls!! Next step is support walls in order to prep for adding a header here (to shorten the wall a bit away from the stairs) and for the hole in the middle of the wall for the bar.

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