Monday, August 27, 2012

Cooking During a Kitchen Renovation

Welcome to my New Kitchen

Scratch that, my new temporary kitchen.  Good thing no one on craigs list wanted to buy that desk.  It is now my work prep area.  Cozy eh?  The tuperware containers hold the food from the cupboards; dishes and frequently used foods on the shelves; microwave from the parents on the other bookshelf.  This microwave works better than the old microwave hands down.

And now, let me introduce you to my new oven/stove top
 It makes pizza, and french fries..and even has a nice burner on the right side.
 Made pancakes Saturday on the grill which reminded me of summers at the cabin with grandpa making breakfast outside on his grill  :)
Except that my pancakes had blueberries and raspberries in them!
All in all, the kitchen remodel has been going well.  The grill works better than both the oven and the stove top of the old kitchen.  The nice weather helps too.  No cooking in the rain...yet.

BBQ Summer Pizza from IowaGirlEats & Eggplant/Zucchini/Herb Salad from DailyGarnish

 This pizza was very good.  BBQ + Garden-Tomatoes + Grilled-Corn = Summer-Heaven
I was a tad bit skeptical of the eggplant salad before making it...but let me tell you, grilling zucchini and eggplant brings out the most amazing flavors.  Had this for lunch today and it was still good.

Roasty Soba Bowl from PostPunkKitchen 

Here is another dish which I was afraid would taste too healthy but came out amazing.  All done on the grill.  Side burner is a savior.  Grill really brings out the great flavors of veggies even when cooked on a baking sheet.  The best tip I can give for using the grill as an oven is to turn off the inside burners, place the baking sheet there and keep the two outside burners on.

Lemon Chicken Pasta from IowaGirlEats

I think this guy could have used some cheese, but it was still quite good as-is.  Joshua went for seconds.

Here are my little helpers when it comes to cooking on the patio.
 They can stand....and sit  :)
Snoops really enjoys sprawling out in the grass and taking it all in.  Isn't he a cutie?

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