Friday, August 10, 2012


Despite my excitement of beginning to use Door-To-Door Organics a few weeks back, I have decided to drop my subscription.  It was good fun getting fresh produce delivered to my front door...for about 4 weeks...then the novelty wore off.  I can get the same (or better!) quality produce by vising my farmer's market every Saturday morning and since the rest of the summer won't be so hectic, I will be around on weekends to make this happen!  $24 was also a bit steep for all the produce shown below.

So, I give you my last (for now) Door-To-Door Organics weekly menu.

Quinoa Stuffed Squash Boats

These were yummy.  Yes, technical description  :)

Smoked Salmon Cabbage Salad

Good again.  Smoked salmon helps.

Kale, Grits & Egg

I had some kale to use up and this recipe was perfect.  Very very interesting combination which actually worked out...would I make this

Thai Turkey Burgers 

Josh's exact words?  "These are awesome"   YES!!!!  Score one for me!  These burgers will be made again..and more importantly, all of Iowa-Girl-Eats Burgers should be made often.

The side is leaf lettuce with my grandma's leaf lettuce dressing.  Of which, I got correct without even calling her.  Mayo, Milk and Sugar.

Thai Greek Sauce Wraps

Good quick meal.  Grew the sprouts myself  :)

Tuna Wraps 

Adapted these from Test-Kitchen-Tuesday to use a flour wrap instead of the swiss chard leaves as wraps.  Tuna, hummus and yogurt make for a good wrap filling.  Topped with homemade sprouts, excellent.  Had to throw in the swiss chard before it went bad...

Baked Zucchini Cakes

Sadly did not get a photo of these.  Josh did them while I ran the Red Carpet 5k.  Ate them for lunch the following day .... tasty tasty.

Onion & Spinach Pizza

There were SO many red onions on this thing.  We ate it with forks.  Like the bright spot in the middle of the pizza?  Lights are out in the kitchen for the reno, so I now use a flashlight.  I shall sacrifice for my new kitchen!


Another goodie from Iowa-Girl-Eats.  Reminded me of the cottage cheese chicken enchiladas that I used to make from AllRecipes.  

It is now time to go cuddle with my big ball of love...

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