Monday, August 6, 2012

Kitchen & Dining Paint Colors | The Fake Header Debacle

When I last left off, we had finished one header and our kitchen lady picked out our kitchen and dining room paint colors.  Next step was to install the header for the walkway between the kitchen and dining room, since we had decided to make the walkway 4" wider.  We had great news in this regard.  Josh went into the attic and found that the existing header was long enough to allow for this increased distance.  So, we don't need to do a drop down header like what was done for the hole-in-the-wall.
  This leaves the question though: do we still do a drop down fake header in order for the cove to go all the way around the dining room?  Currently there is not a drop down wall; the cove ends there.

 Granted, it would look neat to have the cove go all the way around, but I also think that it will make the walkway fell more cramped.  I mean, we made it wider to make the walkway more why constrain it from above if we don't need to?

We are going to leave it as is for now, and if it for some reason looks terrible that way, we have the option of adding it in the future.

In other happy news, with the headers successfully in place, we were able to tear out the pantry walls!
 The fridge will eventually be moved over to where the pantry once was.
 Everything just feels so much more open with that gone.  I can't wait to put the hole in the wall  :)
But before we put the hole in the wall, Joshua first wants to rip up the floor.  This will keep as much dust as possible in the kitchen.  We have a lot of work ahead of us in removing the floor.  Look at the thickness of this thing.
 There was already a good 1/2-3/4" step up into the kitchen from the dining...  but from the floor planks up, it has to be more than an inch.
 What we have here are the floor planks (at a 45 deg angle), which of course stay; plywood boards; laminate flooring (from the original kitchen); cement board; tile mortar; and beautiful black and white tiles (gag)....Quite the floor sandwich!
If we can somehow pry the whole thing up one section at a time we will...otherwise we will have to do it layer by layer.

Now on to the hard part, choosing colors.  Our kitchen lady already picked out a beautiful red and a dark earthy green.
I got some paint samples from home depot to see what these colors would look like on the walls.  What do you think?


Here are my notes on the color choices:

  • Love the red for the kitchen.  I'm worried it will look weird since with the cabinets and back splash, the only wall that will be visible are strips around the windows and around the hole-in-the-wall.  Will this red make my kitchen look outdated in 5 years?
  • What color should we do on the wall by the stairs in the kitchen?  Green would kind of pull the dining room's style into the kitchen.  Red would be bold and show off more of the fabulous color.
  • The green scares me a bit.  It is very dark...and it is completely the kitchen lady's idea.  Green is a nice color but paired with red it is a bit Christmas-y.  
There you have it!  This week Josh is working on electrical and gas lines.  Hopefully this weekend we can rip out the floor.  Cabinets are coming September 17th!!

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