Monday, September 3, 2012

Bye Bye Kitchen

The kitchen is officially gone!
The only thing left is the "Trash Island".  Yesterday we moved all of the lower cabinets out into the garage.  Can you believe these are all one piece?  Does not make transport easy...
Luckily the peninsula came off the end so that it would fit down the stairs an into the garage.  The entire kitchen is now listed on craigs list.  Have had one hit so far...hopefully they come get it today.  Then there will be room for new cabinets in the garage  :)
My new kitchen area is the laundry room.   So far it has worked well.  I don't mind washing dishes by hand as the dishwasher never seemed to get them clean enough anyways...  now I know they are clean :)  I will still be prepping meals upstairs in the dining room until the hole gets cut in the wall.
This setup will get bad in a week or so when Josh starts doing drywall...but we have no option but to power through it!

Here are the last meals I made with the kitchen sink still intact.

Artichoke Panini

So good that I forgot to take a photo before digging in.  Sadly, the grill failed me on this one.  The side burner, even on low, is too hot for a lot of things - grilled bread being one.

Orchard Turkey Burger

yum yum yum yum.  Iowa Girl Eats is officially my new favorite recipe blog.  Josh likes the fact that meals have been containing meat more frequently...

White Zucchini Pizza

Still manage to slightly burn the bottom of the crust on the grill.  Turning off the middle burners isn't a complete solution since the outside edges of the pizza are still on the flame.

Summer Salad

I packed away 3 boxes of kitchen utensils that I didn't think I would be able to use during the renovation.  Keeping all of the food in plastic totes in the dining room....not sure they would fare so well in the crawl space.

From here on out I will be making either simple meals, or "one-pot" frozen meals....or take out...  And if I get sick of washing dishes, I do have a back up plan - 
Snoops likes this idea  ;)

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