Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cabinet Hanging - The Beginning

Now that the floor is finished, it is cabinet time!  This is the first look we got at the cabinets.  It was like opening a present  :)
 Josh borrowed a laser from a guy at work.  It helps him line up the bottoms of the cabinets around the room.  I selectively painted only the parts of the wall which would not be covered in cabinets.  The paint color we chose is Behr Cranberry Whip.
 I was happy with how all of the colors matched.  Our new back door is very close in color to the Maple Cognac Kraftmaid cabinets.  In front of the door is the a sample of Biscotti with Cocoa Glaze which is the color of the cabinets over the fridge and windows.  I think the red of the walls ties in nicely with the dark warm cabinet color.
 Josh began by screwing 2 cabinets together and then lifting them up.  His nifty drywall holder (shown holding up the cabinets below) came in handy for adjusting the position of the cabinets without holding all of the weight the entire time.
 Josh placed our first pantry items in the cabinets.  His favorite night time snack - peanut butter.
 No Jiff Peanut Butter for me...  Josh will have no problem keeping things out of my reach!  Guess you run into these issues with ceiling height cabinets.  I will be investing in a pretty looking step stool.
 Add the base cupboards in there and I have no hope what-so-ever of reaching half of what is in all those upper cabinets.
Here is where we stopped with the cabinets this Sunday evening.  Starting to look like a real kitchen!  Speaking of temporary kitchen cooking went very well this weekend.
 I made vegetarian chili in the slow cooker and pumpkin corn bread on the grill.  Both recipes from DailyGarnish.  Fall is coming.  Hoping to be cooking inside by the time the snow starts flying  :)

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