Saturday, September 15, 2012

Listing a Kitchen on Craigs List

When we first started out listing our kitchen on Craigs List, I thought things would be easy...that someone would want everything, come and take it, and our garage would be empty.  What a dream that was!

We started listing the entire kitchen on CL for $500.  This included: Cabinets, Countertop, Sink (with disposal and faucet), Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave, Range Top and Hood.
I think the biggest drawback with the cabinets is that they are custom built, so both the bottom and the top come in 12+ foot sections.  This requires a kitchen that can accommodate these lengths and a trailer long enough to haul them all home.  The add got a bit of interest...most about selling the dishwasher separately.  We were adamant of selling the whole thing together as it is a very custom kitchen.

But....after 2 weeks, we broke down and listed the cabinets by themselves.  We had a lady who was interested in just the cabinets, and she texted us as soon as the posting was listed wanting to come get them 4 days later.  Wanting an empty garage as soon as possible, Josh offered to drop them off at her place.  Turns out she bought a condo for cheap from an online auction which needed an entire kitchen, but she wasn't at all interested in the oven/microwave combo.  We dropped off the cabinets, sink and disposal at her condo.  +$25 for us!  (5% of the original asking price)

Yesterday, I listed the range top ($15), metal desk ($60), Oven Microwave Combo ($5) and kitchen cabinet (aka trash island) for $5.

Josh also still had interest in the dishwasher from the whole-kitchen-add that he had run.  I sold the range top yesterday for $15.  Josh sold the dishwasher for $50.  This morning I got an email for the kitchen cabinet.  No interest yet in the desk of microwave/oven combo...

So, there is our on-going kitchen selling story.  It feels good to give these things to a loving home instead of tossing them in the trash, but there are some things (cough oven/micro combo cough) that you can't pay someone to take!  haha

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