Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Kitchen Cabinets Have Arrived

They're here!  They're finally here!  And we are not prepared for them...  A better part of our garage now holds 22 cabinets.

In the past week we have spackled the walls, primed ceiling and walls, painted ceiling, and added a bit of color to the walls.

And now to show off the new kitchen color!

I only painted where the cabinets and backsplash would not cover.  Turns out there is not much wall to paint in the kitchen.

Currently, the fridge is in the garage, all the food is downstairs and the laundry room is still the make-shift kitchen.
Boxes full of food....

As for cooking; I made a 1-bag freezer meal once this week and grilled cheese with tomato soup.  The rest has been take out.  I could cook more, still having access to my kitchen utensils and a working grill, but we don't have the time.  Every spare minute goes into the kitchen.  Lunches this week were sandwiches and wraps.

We've come quite a long way in the past week, mostly because my parents came down to help out last weekend.  We installed the hard wood floors!  Josh and I are currently sanding the kitchen and dining room floors.  Tomorrow will hopefully include staining and maybe the first coat of urethane.  The next kitchen post will be all about the hardwoods.

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  1. they say red works up an appetite... can't wait to see the rest of the color scheme.