Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There's a Hole in the Wall Tonight

Like the Eagle's reference.  Hole in the World Tonight.  Good song.  But anyways....there is now a HOLE in the WALL!!

Isn't it beautiful?!  I have been pestering Josh for WEEKS about putting the hole in the wall.  His first hole was a 1/4" drilled hole....not...funny...ok, maybe a little  ;)  But now, the real deal has arrived!
 Here is the sawing...oh the anticipation!
 We thought this mini-hole in the wall was reminiscent of a pretty fireplace or something...Can you see the little pin prick of light coming through above the hole?  That is the courtesy hole that Josh first drilled for me.

As for food.  We got more propane for the grill and have been rocking it out with...
And Naan Pizzas!

My family is coming down again this weekend to put in the wood floor.  Cabinets come on Monday.  Windows came in today.  Everything is coming together!  Next week might be tricky with sanding and urethane.  Should be an adventure.  We are either sleeping in the truck or making a tree hut out of the bedroom..  will keep ya'll posted  :)

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