Sunday, October 14, 2012

IKEA Picture Frame Wall Collage

My best friend came down for the week and I decided, where best to take her than IKEA  :)  I have been planning to do a photo collage on the wall in the kitchen and my old approach was to paint any pre-existing photo frames white.  Turns out, we only have 2 photo frames and after painting the chalkboard white, I didn't think painting our old frames would be an intelligent decision.

So, to the land of Swedish meatballs and cinnamon rolls we went.  The chosen wall is just when you come in the back door.
That chalkboard used to be a light wood color, and since we already have a lot of different browns going on it the kitchen it got painted an all new color - white!  This chalkboard is from IKEA as well...guess I will be having an IKEA-Wall.
Here's a before shot of the chalkboard pre-painting in case you are interested.

Before I begin, let me say that the method I used to hang these was found on Young House Love - I do not take any credit for this terrific idea.
 Here are the 6 frames I got from IKEA at a grand total of $25!  Quite a steal.  I actually matched them up in that there are 3 sets of two - a large and a small of each style.  I first got them set up on the floor the way I liked them, which is hard when you are an engineer and you like nice straight lines :)
 Then I cut up a magazine so that each frame had a paper sized copy of itself.  Any guesses to what this magazine is?
 I then taped up the sheets on the wall in the same arrangement as I had the frames.  Don't worry about that little piece of painters tape down below...he is marking where the door swings in.  In order to protect my pretty red wall, I found a small plastic bumper which I stuck there.  And I digress...
 Once the papers were where I liked, I measured the location of the hooks on the back of each frame and marked where the nail should go on each magazine sheet.  Then I nailed er in with my pink hammer (thanks grandma!).
 And here it is - my pretty IKEA photo frame clad red wall.
Now to fill those frames...  Getting some pictures taken next weekend, so maybe those will be a good candidate  ;)

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