Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spoiling The Family

Thanksgiving week was a special week.  I went home to visit my parents and brothers and to spoil them rotten by making them yummy food every night ;)

Mommy turned the big 5 - 3 over the week, so of course, I had to make a cake.
This is the Autumn Delight Cake from Sweetapolita.  I got a few photos of the birthday girl with her cake but I don't think she would like those posted on the internet ;)

For the rest of the week, I tried to make a few meals with meat (since the word vegetarian scares my parents) and a couple of hearty vegetarian meals.

Started the week off with Chicken Gumbo from Iowa Girl Eats
 Served along side Mushroom Cheese Pull Apart Bread - YUM!

Next up was Brussels Sprout Mac n Cheese.  I wanted leftovers for lunch the next day and they were no where to be found.  Always a good sign.
 Big bro bro was a bit skeptical, but I won him over :)

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings recipe from yours truly was so scrumptious the little bro bro wanted to take some to school the next day.

Another Iowa Girl Eats recipe Gnoochi with Sausage and Spinach.  Everyone loves a good nookie ;)

And then the photo quality went downhill.  I made vegetarian enchiladas which were apparently so good that I didn't take a photo till the leftovers went in the fridge.

Turkey day breakfast was a Crock Pot Casserole.  Yes, another Iowa Girl Eats recipe...this makes 4 out of the 6 meals for the week.  What can I say; I found a new favorite blog for when I am entertaining the idea of eating meat.  Here is a pic of the casserole the night before.
Saran wrap makes for excellent picture quality.

That's it for tonight.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when I hope to post about our kitchen - we finally got our granite countertops!!  Good Night All!

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