Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Coming of the Swans

It happened.  I received my first Swan this weekend, from my good friend Shannon who was up visiting.  I imagine I will be getting a few swan related objects with this whole engagement and wedding thing.  (Note**for those who don't know us personally, you won't understand the swans  :P)

Josh found a good resting place for her.
This is up in the cabinets above the window.  She will stay up there until the kitchen is safe to play in, or I get the urge to paint her with white or chalkboard paint  :)

Onto the meals for the week!!

Lets try a rating scale of 1 to 5 - 1 being "never make this again" and 5 being "make this again tomorrow!"

Fall Harvest Salad - 3

Spaghetti Squash with Mushroom Cream Sauce - 3

Best Pasta Ever (seriously that is what it is called) - 5

ok, I do have to elaborate on this one.  See that green stuff?  That is kale, Joshua's arch enemy.  What did he say about this pasta - "What do I have to do to get more???"  Sadly, there were only 2 servings.  

Apple Quinoa Salad - 4

I accidentally intentionally added 3 times as much sausage as called for.  In my defense, packages of sausage don't come in 3oz....

Tarragon Chicken with Cous Cous - 3

Sweet Potato Lentil Chili - 3

And now onto the good news - my Ebelskiver (otherwise known as Aebleskiver) pan works on the induction stove top!!  I was a little worried since it doesn't have much of a "bottom" on it.
 I like to chop up little butter chunks so that they are all ready to go in the pan between batches.
I made the Crunchy Cinnamon Roll Ebelskivers from the new book I bought - Ebelskivers: Danish-Style Filled Pancakes And Other Sweet And Savory Treats

And I'm out.  Off to Midland to make wonderful food for my parents and bro bros for turkey day week.  :)

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