Monday, November 12, 2012

The Kitchen is Going to the Dogs

Our next kitchen purchase wasn't something for us, rather something for the dogs.  We were (ok, I was..) getting sick of having the food bowls take up a whole wall.  A complete eye sore for the kitchen and always in the way it seemed - guess half of that can be blamed on the old kitchen layout...

So, we went to IKEA!

ooo  ahhh.  Yes, isn't it beautiful?!  This guy is the Norden Occasional Table, in Birch, from IKEA.  Great story about our trip to IKEA.  As we were loading the table onto the cart it came off the shelf and pinned my finger between the box and the cart!  I ran around proclaiming my finger was broken, thoroughly embarrassing Josh, until I drew myself into such a panic that I thought I would pass out.  Needless to say, I had to sit down for 10 minutes to simmer down and then we left with the table and a set of pans (that ended up not having handles,..but anyways..).  Josh wanted to drag me to the car and forget all about my table; but after the 30 minute drive I was not leaving without my table!  Especially since we were SO close to the check out  ;)   Here is what my finger looks like 1 week post accident.
That fingernail is not going to be pretty looking for the next few months  :(

So, back to the table.  It is super heavy duty (my finger can vouch for that) and the perfect fit for our kitchen,.  I can see myself rinsing veggies at the sink, turning around and placing them on the table.  Then walking around to the stove side, cutting them up on the table, and placing them on the stove top - in a pan of course (preferably one with handles..).  Directions for assembly were easy to follow, as is always the case with IKEA products.  Only issue we had was that the top shelf was not up high enough in order for the dogs to fit their heads in to eat and drink.  So, Josh ended up drilling one more set of holes so we could move the shelf up.

And there you have it, the story of our dog food kitchen island.  Much snazzier than dog bowl dishes against a wall.  With that, I leave you with the Snoopers pics of the week.
Why does Josh get all the kisses and cuddles???  Must be them itches!

What happens when you pull back the sheets for laundry and step away for a minute?

He's lucky he is so cute.  

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