Monday, January 28, 2013

Beagle Groom's Cake

A good friend of mine asked if I could make a groom's cake for her to-be-husband for their wedding.  Her and her now-husband have pet names for each other.  He is her beagle and she is his labradoodle.  :)  So!  I made them a beagle cake!

I have never made a fondant cake topper before and knew there was no way I could pipe on the frosting the way I did with the Detroit D Groom's Cake, so I opted to find one on my favorite website - ETSY.  This is where I found Elizabeth's Custom Cakes Shop and her cute Beagle Cupcake Toppers. I contacted her and she was able to make a large one for a 9" cake with a bow tie the same shade as the wedding color.

I made a 3-layer chocolate cake from AllRecipes and a Peanut-Butter Buttercream Frosting, which I tripled to cover the cake.  The cake was good in that it was moist and easy to handle...but lets talk about the Amazing. Frosting. Ever.  I made sure there was a half cup leftover to inhale after making the cake.

 The beagle came a little wrinkled in the mail, but that was to be expected.  After warming up the beagle to room temp, it was easy to bend the fondant back to the right shape.

And here she is at the wedding!  It made it allll the way across the state unscathed and Josh was driving! YAY for durable buttercream frosting!

Everyone loved the cake and I must say, it does go well with the decor  :)  Congrats Stacey and Kirk!!!!

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