Monday, February 4, 2013

Bathtub Dog + Weekly Menu

Snoops seems like a very masculine brave dog, but he is no match for the air hose.  Whenever Josh gets the air gun out and Snoops just hears the hose, he is a bundle of scared-ness.  He was so scared this weekend that he hid in the bathtub!  This was after he tried to fit behind the toilet.  Silly scared dog.

Other than dogs and tubs, I made some great dishes this week.

Fennel and Orange Glazed Veggies with BBQ Tofu

The tofu was excellent.  Veggies, not so much...but I reused them in a quiche who's recipe I will share later this week.

Polenta with Mushrooms and Kale

Not amazing, but it was edible.  Good thing Josh is a polenta expert.  I would have said it was finished cooking about 20 minutes before it was actually done.

Veggie Fajitas

Great way to use up all those leftover tortillas in the fridge.  Fillings topped with cheese were a great dish at work the next day.

Tomato, Butternut and Spinach Pasta

Ravioli Lasagna

Suuuuper easy to make (mom are you listening!!!????).  I made it up quick and threw it in the oven for Josh to watch while I was at bikram yoga.  Needless to say, it overflowed (as most lasagnas do) and made a burning mess at the bottom of the oven which Josh blames on me....I wasn't the one watching it bake though....   :P    It was pretty good.  Could have done with less meat and I would have felt better if there were some veggies in it.

Sunchoke (errrr I-Only-Had-Potatoes) Latkes

It figures, the week I need sunchokes, they are nowhere to be found at Whole Foods.  Guess what I found there 2 days ago?  Yup, I think they decided to hide the sunchokes the one week that I needed them!  Potatoes worked just fine, and anything topped with brie is amazing.  Great end to the week!

p.s. Snoops is now curled up in the 2 foot gap between myself and the arm rest of the couch.  I think his old age is causing him to be more scared and cuddly.

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