Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Make a Chalkboard Sidewalk Sandwich Board

In college, we had a Rush Board that we would put on campus advertising our Sorority's Rushes.  With my upcomming Girls' Engineering Event on Wayne State's campus, and no good way to place signs in front of the building, I used this idea to make some sidewalk sandwich boards with chalkboard fronts and backs so they would be reusable.  

I had first intended on buying some particle board and then painting it with chalkboard paint, but Home Depot had other plans.  Pre-painted chalk boards!  They were a bit flimsy, so Josh stepped up to help out and create some sturdy frames and "legs" for them  :)

Supplies: 2 2'x4' Chalkboards, Random Boards (for framing), 2 Hinges, 2.5' Chain, 4 Eye Hook Screws

Here's the boards ->

Joshua cut some boards and glued them onto the back of the chalkboards.  He also put some nails into the seams as reinforcement.

And then clamped them down to dry.
 Once both boards were ready, it was hinge time!

I placed the hinges on the boards...

And lined them up, leaving some space for the hinge to rotate.

Don't forget to pre-drill holes for the screws!

Lastly, I installed 4 Eye Hooks and used needle nose pliers to bend the chain around each one.

TA DA!!!

They are a bit heavy, but they hold up very well.

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