Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lost Food Chronicles + Where have I been???

Been a bit longer than I would have liked since being on here...  wanted to catch up on some food that I have made and places we have been.

On our way to Wisconsin, we stopped by the Tesla store just outside of Chicago (4999 Old Orchard Rd
Skokie, IL 60077).  We could not have been more disappointed - after navigating our way through the ritzy outdoor shopping mall, we got there just as they locked the doors (an hour before their closing time).  And what did they do, stared at us out the glass!  For all they knew, we could have been there to buy a new Tesla!!  hahah  So, needless to say, we just looked for 30 seconds through the window and went back to our Volt  :)

In better news, we went to one of our favorite sushi places, Yummy House in Commerce and got the Love Boat.  No better way to express your love than a boat-load of sushi  :)

And ooooh yes, we ate it all!!

Finally, onto the food for the last 2 (or was it 3??) weeks.  With Josh being on a weeklong business trip (during my birthday, nonetheless) and me being very sick for a week, I am finally getting back to cooking food on a daily basis.  But, before I share this weeks bounty, I must go back to what I have forgotten.

Kale & Chevre Penne

Farmers Market Skillet  (A-MAY-ZING)

Udon Soup

Cauliflower Chickpea Bowls from Kath Eats

Salmon and Grapefruit Salsa

Spicy Buffalo Tempeh Salad

Gnoochi with Zucchini and Corn

Tomato, Basil & Spinach Risotto

Sweet Potato Fries

Crazy Vegetable Casserole I made to use up Onion ring breading, frozen vegetables and cheese fondue...

Onion Rings - they look so much better than they actually were......

Whew!  Ok, I finally feel caught up!   :)

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