Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June - The Month of Weddings and NASCAR

Well, to about sum the month up, we went to a wedding and a NASCAR race.

Let me illustrate with photos :)


 My Erica and I!   I played guitar and sang for the ceremony (didn't get Josh the camera in time...boooo).  I played Marry Me by Train.  I was pretty sick with a cold but I think it sounded good.
 Joshua and I making pretty faces.  I was impressed I was able to do one of those pics where you take it yourself and get both our heads in it!
The backyard wedding setup.  It was very pretty!

NASCAR - Road America - Wisconsin

I think part of the reason Josh wanted to go to Wisconsin was to avoid me having a crazy surprise party for him on his 29th birthday (1 year till THIRTY!!!  eeeee!!!).  So, I made sure to tell Josh's friend Todd that we were coming to see them and he should do some kind of surprise for Josh's bday. We arrived to THIS:
 It was great!  FYI - If I had known that Josh was holding his sock in that particular location, we would have redone this photo...hahaha
 Our first NASCAR race at Road America.  We were at a pretty good corner.

That is my update for now.  Hoping to have some wedding posts and food posts for July!  Till then, I will tide you over with a photo (or 2) of Snoops and his buddy Anakin in the back seat of the Volt on the way to the dog park.

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