Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boating Accident AKA My Dog's Trip to the Animal Hospital

Well, I must say that our 4th of July vacations did start off very well.

We began our trip north by stopping at two charge stations, just to say we had been there.  Snoops liked peeing on new things.

And when the fireworks went off all week over Wixom Lake, we were even prepared with Snoops.  He had a bone and we were careful to put him in the basement bathroom with the music turned up loud each night as the booms began...

Then the day we were going to head downstate, we went on one final pontoon ride and trip to pontoon alley.  Snoops jumped off the back of the pontoon but didn't clear the ladder.  His back leg got caught in the ladder as he fell into the water, pulling back the skin.  Blood.  Everywhere.

Josh wrapped his leg up in a towel and it was back to the cabin we went.  The cut was bad.  It looked like all the skin on the front of his leg had been ripped down all the way to the bone.  Luckily, the Midland Animal Clinic was open - it was a Saturday, so we were thinking we would have to go to an emergency clinic in Saginaw.  They got Snoops right in, and we left him there while they put him under and stitched him up.

We went back to the cabin, packed our things and came back to Midland to grab Snoops on our way back down state.  $500 is an expensive accident....but at least he was OK.

Saying that he was drugged up was definitly an understatement.  He was SO out of it.  Poor dude...

This photo below is his front leg.  They had to shave it for the IV when they put him under.

Dogs must have 2 eye lids or something, because we were not seeing his eyeball very clearly....

So, we kept the bandage on for 3 days and then cut it off.  Warning****things are about to get a bit graphic!

Here is the bandage....

 And his 6 stitches!!
He was a good sport about the whole thing.

I took him back to Midland last week to get the stitches out and they had a hard time removing all of them.  They said his skin was inflamed because it was trying to dissolve the stitches.

And here is his leg now, almost completely healed!

Although it will take some time for that thick hair of his to grow out.

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