Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dinner Meeting Appetizer Meal

Tonight the SWE monthly Executive Council meeting was held at my house.  My love to cook led me to create a beautiful spread of food for everyone  :)  11 people attended, which pretty much maxed out the dining room space!  I went with a bit of a healthy appetizer, dessert and crostini theme  ;)

On the menu was:

I even labeled everything  :)

AND I got to use all the new serving dishes from my bridal shower!!!  :D

My favorites were the Coconut Date Balls - they had orange zest in them which really made the flavors pop.  The Tomato and Ricotta Crostini was also good along with the Peach Crostini.  I think I made some solid choices   ;)   Oh and other than the food, the meeting was productive as well.  hehe  

My word of advice to anyone else planning a group dinner on a weeknight - prep the night before!  I spent a few hours last night making the dessert and prepping all the other ingredients so that I could be as stress free as possible this evening putting it all together.

Have a good weekend!

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