Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Food Blog Challenge - Naturally Ella

I was thinking of what i could do this year to bring back more food related blog posting.  I have still been cooking - planning for the week and making something different every day - but it just felt old posting what I ate all week every week.

So, my challenge for this year, in order to expose myself to fun different blogs, is to blog about a different Food Blog each week.  During that week, I would only make food from that person's blog.

To kick off the year, I started with ....

Naturally Ella

...a beautiful blog with lots of yummy food and incredible food photos.  Everything we made from this site was creative, fun to make and tasty.  Most recipes didn't take a lot of time to prepare.  My favorite part about her site is that you can find food based on the season.  I am finding it more and more important to make recipes with ingredients that are in season - not only because of the environmental impact, but also because foods in season are cheaper and more flavorful.  Lastly, I found this blog a good fit for us with it being vegetarian but not vegan.  I feel it is harder to find vegetarian blogs as some people take an all or nothing approach to food and eat meat and meat products or no meat nor meat products.

My photos are not as beautiful.  It has been dark and dreary in Michigan lately (and tomorrow it is going to be 50...what?!).

Here are the recipes we ate this week.

Pistachio Parsley Pesto and Grilled Taleggio Cheese Sandwich

Yum!  And let me say, I love our new Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler.  It makes the best paninis, pancakes and now waffles (with the new waffle plates we got for Christmas!).

Green Curry Spaghetti Squash with Apple Chutney

Almond Dutch Baby with Blood Orange Compote served with Beet Avocado Arugula Salad

Sweet Potato Gnoochi Mac and Blue Cheese

The number one thing I learned about Josh this week - he hates blue cheese.

Baked Hummus and Spinach Dip

This was a dip for a surprise party.  We were running late, so I snapped this of it in the oven before I took it out and shoved it in the car.  I wasn't too impressed with this dip.  I doubled it and might have used too many chickpeas.  There is a large amount still hanging out in the fridge.  Josh will only eat it if he is starving - and with the mass amount of candy we have acquired over the holidays, I don't think that will happen until March..haha

So, with some of the leftovers, I made flatbread pizzas.  These went over really well.

I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen for the flatbread and added the hummus dip for the sauce and leftover cheese, red peppers and capers for the topping.  It was good and Josh finished it all today  :)

Up next week is a vegan blog that I read frequently - Oh She Glows!  My shopping cart had no cheese in it this week; a stark contrast to last week.  I tried to find recipes that I had not made before and that seemed to be "wintery" - so we will see how the week goes  :)

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