Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 Food Blog Challenge - Mountain Mama Cooks

Well, shall we do desserts first?

This week I chose some easy ones :)

Granola Cookies
I only ate one of these - Josh inhaled the rest.  They must have been good!

Trail Mix Chocolate Bark
Melt chocolate; dump trail mix on top.  Almost too easy...  ;)

Grilled Cheese with Carrot Ginger Soup

Two thumbs up!  I used roasted peppers since I could not find roasted tomatoes.

Sweet Potato Peanut Stew

This has made my exclusive "Keeper Recipe" list.  Very good!

Tex Mex Rice and Beans

This dinner saved the day.  I came home from bikram yoga feeling like I might vomit - I guess I was just hungry!  Ate two bowls of this and felt muuuch better.  Easy and comforting.  Been getting good use out of our rice cooker :)

Chickpea Puttanesca Polenta

I'm always reminded each time I make polenta that I need to double (triple?!?) the recipe since it takes a half hour of stirring and leftovers are always tasty.  I must make polenta pancakes at some point in time ;)  The olives and capers gave this an interestingly complex taste.

Vegetarian Chili with Quinoa with Raw Kale Salad

I made this the night before since I was volunteering at a career fair the next night.  Josh certainly has proven that he cannot eat dinner himself  (haha).  I joke because every time I make something, I need to make his plate for him.  This is probably because, with me making something new every day, that he isn't sure what goes on top of what; how much, etc.  SO, for this, I made sure to tell him to put sour cream and cheese on top of the chili and to eat the salad too.  Well, he put the salad on top of the chili!  HAH  He said it tasted good though, so no harm done :)

Meanwhile, I stuffed myself at the career fair with cheese and veggies.  We had a TON of food leftover.  Us volunteers each got to take home a giant bag of cheese HAH.  Here is a couple of us showing off our goodies.

Eggplant, Ricotta, Greens and Pasta Shells

Sadly, whole foods did not have the giant pasta shells to fill, so I improvised with little shells.  This was yummy and with all the veggies in there, I felt it was pretty healthy.

And finally, here is our breakfast from the week.

Veggie Breakfast Bagel

I had to get used to eating something that wasn't fruit and oatmeal for breakfast.  We still have a lot of leftover zucchini and summer squash...  

Overall?  I liked all of the dinners we had this week.  A lot of them were pretty easy.  It helped that I had cooked the beans ahead of time and had them in containers in the freezer.  I held off making any of the baked goods from Mountain Mama Cooks because I was afraid they wouldn't bake as expected in my "lower altitude" environment.  

Next week is going to be super busy!  I have chosen the blog The Lemon Bowl and will be cooking with ...duh duh duh...  a chicken!  Hoping to leave Josh with enough leftovers while I head to the great white north for the SWE Region H Conference.

See ya'll next week!

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