Monday, February 17, 2014

Refinishing and Glazing Bathroom Cabinets

Josh and I are renovating our downstairs bathroom.  I guess you could call it a refresh.  We want to make it better before we start using it for however long it takes to completely gut and redo our lovely baby blue bathroom upstairs.

So far, we have fixed the seal on the shower door, mended and painted the walls and now hung our new cabinet and medicine cabinet!

It was a bit of a process in picking out the cabinets.  We knew we needed more storage and I liked the idea of a glazed yellow cabinet, but not enough to pay $100 for a new white one and attempt to paint it yellow.

So, we went to Restore in Farmington Hills.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  More or less, it is a salvation army for home goods.  The inside shop had an OK amount of stuff, but not too much.  We then discovered there was an ENTIRE BARN full of things behind the main store.  Wow.  The amount of things, their awesome condition and the prices were amazing.

I got these two cabinets for $6 each.

I started by thoroughly cleaning them and then sanding.  After sanding, I wiped them down again to remove any dust.

  Then we primed them with Kilz Spray Paint.

When I say "we", I mean Josh..haha  He has lots of practice with spray painting and was much better than me.  After the white primer (and drying), Josh applied the yellow spray paint.  The yellow was very bright, but I hoped the glaze would tone it down a bit.

After the yellow paint dried, I applied the glaze with a foam brush and then wiped it with a rag, making sure to leave some in the "nooks and crannies".  I used a glaze that I found at home depot, but I see no reason you couldn't use any color paint you wanted.  If I were to do it again, I would use a gray paint to tie more into the gray paint of the bathroom walls.

Finally, after the glaze dried, I urethaned the cabinets.

And now, they are in the bathroom!!

I love my cabinets!  And can't wait for the rest of the bathroom to come together  :)

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